For anyone looking for an alternative to Nordic skiing, snowshoeing could be your new favorite pursuit! North Lake Tahoe is filled with miles of snowshoeing trails and unique terrain ready to be adventured by beginners and experts alike. If a relaxing outing is what you are after many companies offer guided tours so you can take in the views without worrying about where you are headed. For those wanting to lead their own quest a trail map and a sense of adventure is all you need. With most resorts offering rentals at their bases, anyone can have access to the most up to date equipment for their snowshoeing journey. For more information on specific locations, click the link read more.

Here Are Three Snowshoe Companies For Rentals & Tours:

  1. Tahoe Adventure Company Guided Tours
  2. Snowshoeing at Northstar California
  3. Snowshoeing at Squaw Valley

What To Wear:

  • Bring your layers! The first layer of clothing should be a lightweight and breathable, non-cotton, layer. Avoiding cotton as a first layer is a good rule of thumb for any outdoor winter activity. The second layer should be more insulating. Think lightweight fleece or wool. The outermost layer should be something waterproof. Using a system of layers helps regulate your body’s temperature for when you start working up a sweat.

  • Feet! Don’t forget to bring a moisture wicking sock along your adventure. These are great for keeping feet dry and comfortable. A solid hiking boot works best for snowshoeing as well boot gaiters to keep any stray snow from getting in. You can ask rental companies ahead of time if they rent gaiters with their equipment.

What To Bring:

  • Depending on how long of a trek you are looking to do, bringing extra food such as energy bars and trail mix is always a good idea. Be sure to also bring plenty of water! Think about one quart per person, per hour. If you are not on a guided tour, bringing a trail map that you are comfortable navigating with is also a must.