Dog Sledding

Calling all animal lovers! Imagine taking in the sights of the Sierra Nevada Mountains all while being pulled by the furriest form of transportation around! Dog sledding through the majestic wintery forests is an experience you and your family will never forget. Wildness Adventure Dog Sled Tours offers hour-long trips for up to 2 adult and 2 children per sled. With four sleds available at any time, they are sure to meet your group’s needs.  Wilderness Adventure runs 7 days a week for winter and spring tours. Make sure to call ahead to book for a great time (530) 426-3840! Follow the link below for more information:

Company That Offers Dog Sled Tours:

Wilderness Adventures Dog Sled Tours

What To Wear:

  • Be prepared by looking at the weather for the time you are planning to sled. Dog sledding is not considered a high exertion activity so you will most likely wear a few layers. Make sure to bring accessories such as face makes and neck gaiters to account for the wind as well.
  • Remember your snow boots and wool socks as well! 

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