Cross Country Skiing

If gorgeous scenery through snow-covered trails is more up your alley look no further than cross country skiing at North Lake Tahoe. With a variety of trails that stretch over 6,000 acres, even the most advanced cross country skier will find a unique adventure. Many companies offer rentals as well as guided tours. For those looking for a different change of pace, try looking into a moonlight tour to explore the peaceful mountains by the light of the moon! For more information see the link below:        

North Lake Tahoe Cross Country Skiing Rentals: 

  1. Royal Gorge XC Skiing
  2. Squaw Creek Resort  XC Skiing
  3. Northstar XC Skiing

What To Wear:

  • Bring your layers! The first layer of clothing should be a lightweight and breathable, non-cotton, layer. Avoiding cotton as a first layer is a good rule of thumb for any outdoor winter activity. The second layer should be more insulating. Think lightweight fleece or wool. The outermost layer should be something waterproof. Using a system of layers helps regulate your body’s temperature for when you start working up a sweat.
  • Feet! Don’t forget to bring a moisture wicking sock along your adventure. These are great for keeping feet dry and comfortable.

What To Bring:

  • Depending on how long of a trek you are looking to do, bringing extra food such as energy bars and trail mix is always a good idea. Be sure to also bring plenty of water! Think about one quart per person, per hour. If you are not on a guided tour, bringing a trail map that you are comfortable navigating with is also a must.