Fat Tire Biking

For those who are waiting for summer to get back on their bike, or for anyone looking to try something new, consider Fat Tire biking! The tires are filled to a lower pressure, and there's not the suspension a regular mountain bike has. Imagine the awesome feeling of biking through snow-covered woods at your own pace, all while taking in the scenery in a completely new way.  Follow the link below for more information:

 North Lake Tahoe Fat Tire Bike Rental Companies:

Northstar Fat Bike Rentals

What To Wear:

  • Bring your layers! The first layer of clothing should be a lightweight and breathable, non-cotton, layer. Avoiding cotton as a first layer is a good rule of thumb for any outdoor winter activity. The second layer should be more insulating. Think lightweight fleece or wool. The outermost layer should be something waterproof. Using a system of layers helps regulate your body’s temperature for when you start working up a sweat.
  • Feet! Don’t forget to bring a moisture wicking sock along your adventure. These are great for keeping feet dry and comfortable.

What To Bring:

  • Depending on how long of a trek you are looking to do, bringing extra food such as energy bars and trail mix is always a good idea. Be sure to also bring plenty of water! Think about one quart per person, per hour. If you are not on a guided tour, bringing a trail map that you are comfortable navigating with is also a must.