Guest Services - Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our Terms and Conditions of all of our rentals. This is important and affects your legal rights and obligations, so please read them and other terms referenced in this document carefully. Each guest must affirm via electronically or verbally agreement to these Terms & Conditions and becomes legal binding at the point the reservation is secured by payment. Booking through a 3rd party does not waive SkyRun’s rights under these Terms & Conditions.

SkyRun North Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Contract

By submitting this reservation, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT TIMES: Check-in time is 4pm PST on the day of arrival. Check-out is 10am PST. SkyRun often have Guest departing and arriving on the same day, leaving a small window of time for cleaning and inspection services to be completed. Unauthorized early entry or late departure from the property will result in an additional fee ($75 per 1/2 hour prior to check-in and/or past check- out time) charged to the Guest credit card unless arrangements for early check-in or late check-out are arranged with and confirmed by SkyRun North Lake Tahoe.

PROPERTY ACCESS: Most properties will be accessed via coded lock box to enter the property. Instructions per property access will be provided via email in a Pre-Arrival/Final Letter to Guest by SkyRun North Lake Tahoe approximately seven (7) days before Guest arrival.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: Guest agrees to comply with all rules or regulations posted on premises or delivered to guest by SkyRun. Violation of rules will result in eviction without refund.

PARKING: Do not exceed the number of cars allowed per property. Parking in areas of North Lake Tahoe can be limited and are monitored by Home Owners Associations (HOAs) guidelines and officials. Towing and ticketing may be enforced. If a car is parked on a town or community road it may result in towing, getting blocked or possibly damaged by snowplows. SkyRun North Lake Tahoe is not responsible for nor will pay for the salvage or any damage to a car that is not parked in the designated parking area.

AGE AND OCCUPANCY RESTRICTIONS: Guest MUST be 25 years of age to rent a property from SkyRun North Lake Tahoe. At any time, SkyRun North Lake Tahoe may request the Guest who reserved the property to provide a valid ID as proof of age. The person booking the property must be in the property the entire duration of the stay. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY at any time is equal to the number of people that is advertised as being able to sleep in beds. EXCEEDING THIS OCCUPANCY IS GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE EVICTION WITHOUT REFUND.

SMOKING: There is NO SMOKING allowed at any SkyRun North Lake Tahoe properties. This INCLUDES tobacco and marijuana (any means or methods), smoking within 100 feet of premises or in forested areas. Failure to comply with this rule may result in a minimum $300 cleaning charge and eviction without refund.

PARTIES: House parties and events of any kind are PROHIBITED. If there is a party or event on the property (as further evidenced by a noise complaint, security report, by excessive amounts of trash or destruction) Guest WILL BE CHARGED for complete clean-up and replacement of any damages to property and eviction without any refund. Such activities completely voids the damage waiver. SkyRun North Lake Tahoe takes pride in protecting its properties so they will be in good standing condition and ready for Owners and Guests to enjoy!

PET POLICY: Pets are NOT allowed in SkyRun North Lake Tahoe properties unless specifically noted in the rental description of property. The term 'pet' refers to dogs only and are limited to two (2) domestic, house broken dogs. Cats, birds, reptiles or exotic animals are prohibited. Violation of SkyRun North Lake Tahoe pet policy may result in guest eviction and a $300 fine for violation of pet policy and the cost of a full carpet clean. If a service dog is required contact SkyRun North Lake Tahoe for special consideration. Please be prepared to provide appropriate paperwork. Guests with pet allergies should notify SkyRun to verify if pets (service dog) have been present at the property.

HOUSEKEEPING/CLEANING: SkyRun North Lake Tahoe properties are cleaned and inspected prior to Guest arrivals and departures. We do not provided daily cleaning service. We request that you have the home picked up and put back in order, load and start dishwasher or wash dishes and return furniture back to its original position so the property is ready to be vacuumed, dusted and sanitized. Fresh linens, bathroom and kitchen towels, are provided. Use of additional linens, towels should be washed, folded and put away. Do not make beds that have been used, and do not empty fireplace/wood stove. A charge may be applied at a rate of $50/hr for any additonal cleaning or washing of excess linen use. For an additional charge, Guest staying more than 7 days may arrange for a mid-stay clean that provides fresh towels and linens, trash take-out, light clean/vacuum. Guest(s) are asked to be off the property the day of the scheduled clean. A fourty-eight (48) hour notice to SkyRun North Lake Tahoe is required. For more than a two week stay, a mid-stay cleaning is required.

SUPPLIES/STARTER KIT - The property is supplied with bed linens, bathroom and kitchen towels and a starter kit of consumables that include dish and dishwashing soap, roll of paper towel, sponge/dish cloth, cloths soap, hair shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, bath soap, facial tissue, and roll(s) of toilet paper for each bathroom. Trash bags are supplied for inside trash cans and garbage bags are provided for outside cans. A propane tank is supplied for single family homes with an extra tank stocked in garage. Hot tub towels are provided only for homes with private hot tubs - not common area hot tubs. For other features on the property, visit SkyRun North Lake Tahoe website at

FURNITURE: Guest are required to move furniture/items (indoor/outdoor) back to its original place. This may include BBQ, patio furnishings, table, lamps, chairs, etc. We also ask if bed spreads, blankets are moved to another room/bed that these items are put back to the original place. A minimum charge of $150 will be applied on guest credit card should items need to be returned to its original position.

TRASH: We request that you remove trash and place it in outside designated LOCKED storage area or BEAR BOX upon your departure. Garbage should not be stored outside house unless it is locked in designated area. All garbage must fit in trash cans provided only. If you have additional trash, we asked that you take it with you or contact SkyRun to make arrangement to have it removed. Additional charges may be incurred to remove excess garbage or if Owner is given a violation for excess garbage left unattended and/or on the premises.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Guest who opt-in to purchase travel insurance when the reservation is made will have a policy through Rental Guardian ( If a Guest has to cancel, delay, postpone or cut short the reservation for a covered reason, Guest will need to file a claim directly to Royal Adventure Insurance to recover the cost of the rental. Refer to coverage documents at SkyRun North Lake Tahoe can provide the policy number if they are unable to locate it when Guest contact them. Guest can also call customer care number at 1-888-933-1113 to have any questions answered about the policy and coverage.

PAYMENT: If the reservation is made within thirty (30) days of arrival date, the grand total in full is due at the time of booking. If the reservation is made outside of the thirty (30) days of arrival date, one-third (1/3) of the grand total is due at time of booking OR a minimum of three-hundred dollars ($300). The remaining balance due is automatically deducted from the credit card on file thirty (30) days prior to arrival date. Credit cards are the only acceptable form of payment. If the credit card on file is invalid, cancelled or unable to be charged, SkyRun North Lake Tahoe will attempt to contact the Guest for an alternative credit card number. If the Guest cannot be reached within fourty-eight (48) hours, the reservation will be cancelled and any monies paid to SkyRunNorth Lake Tahoe will be forfeited.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Except as provided above by travel Insurance or special billing terms, cancellation at any time results in forfeiture of monies paid to date. A cancellation within thirty (30) days from the reservation arrival date will results in the forfeiture of the entire payment due. Please understand, there is no cancellation refund from SkyRun North Lake Tahoe for any reason including, but not limited to weather, travel delays or lack of snow.

AVAILABILITY OF SPECIFIC PROPERTY: On extremely rare occasions, the specific property booked by Guest may not be available due to unforeseen circumstances beyond SkyRun North Lake Tahoe control such as maintenance problems, a change in ownership or management of the property since Guest booked the property. In the event that the property is not available, SkyRun North Lake Tahoe will attempt to place the Guest into a similar or better property at the same price or offer the Guest another property at a lower rate. If the replacement property offered is not acceptable to Guest, SkyRun will cancel Guest reservation and refund the total amount paid. SkyRun North Lake Tahoe does not guarantee that a suitable property will be available. If the property the Guest has rented becomes unoccupied during the stay (heat or refrigerator breaks for example), SkyRun North Lake Tahoe will make its best effort to find Guest a similar or better place to move to. If unable to do so, SkyRun North Lake Tahoe will refund the portion of the rent equivalent to the number of days the property was not used.

HOA'S/COMMON USE AREAS: Properties that are managed by 3rd party Home Owners Associations (HOA's) guide and control shared common areas and amenities such as, but not limited to parking, picnic and landscaping areas, outdoor grills, hot tubs, saunas, pools, fitness center, tennis, golf. Please be aware that during non-peak times or due to inclement weather, amenities may be unavailable or closed due to circumstances beyond SkyRun North Lake Tahoe control (i.e. building, amenity and emergency maintenance). Due to these unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances, SkyRun North Lake Tahoe will not provide a refund for closed or unavailable amenities. Please note that SkyRun North Lake Tahoe does not have any obligation to disclose the availability of amenities to Guest but will make every effort to keep Guest informed when possible. SkyRun North Lake Tahoe encourages Guest to seek out information on the availability of amenities as this information is readily available on-line.

LIABILITY: Guest understand that the property is a privately owned dwelling with the Owner's furnishings. Neither SkyRun North Lake Tahoe nor the Owner of the Property are responsible for providing any additional furnishings or equipment. Should an appliance become inoperable, SkyRun North Lake Tahoe will make every effort to have it serviced. However, SkyRun North Lake Tahoe cannot guarantee the time required for item(s) to be repaired or serviced. Guest acknowledges this Waiver of Liability, including but not limited to hot tub, sauna, pool, cooktop, stove or elevator, herein after called features (if so equipped). Guest(s) understands that there are potential risks and dangers that the features may present/cause to children who are not carefully supervised as well as danger to any person using the features for a duration of time, has health problems, is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, medication or pregnant. The Guest agrees to explain the risk of using the features to guests at the property and to be fully and solely responsible for any accidents guests may incur. Guest(s) agrees to waive any claim whatsoever against Owner of Property or SkyRun North Lake Tahoe of accidents or claims arising from use of features. Guest agrees to indemnify Owner(s) of Property and SkyRun North Lake Tahoe for any claims made by guests caused from guests use of features.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: SkyRun North Lake Tahoe assumes no liability for Guest stay in North Lake Tahoe or the activities that Guest(s) take part in while here. The limit of SkyRun North Lake Tahoe liability is the total amount of compensation that has been received for the property rental.

INDEMNIFICATION AND WAIVER: Guest will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Owner(s) of Property and R&L Destination, LLC dba SkyRun North Lake Tahoe from all claims disputes, litigation, judgements, costs and attorney fees resulting in loss, damage or injury to Guest, Guests guests or licensees or their personal property arising out of the Guest or the Guests guests, invitees and licenses occupancy or use of the property. SkyRun North Lake Tahoe nor the Owner(s) of the Property shall be liable for any damage or injury to Guest or any other person, or to any property occurring on the Property unless such damage is the legal result of negligence or willful misconduct of SkyRun North Lake Tahoe or the Owner(s) of the Property. Guest agrees to hold SkyRun North Lake Tahoe and Owner(s) of the Property harmless from any claims for damage, except for injury or damage caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of SkyRun North Lake Tahoe and Owner(s) of the Property. Guest agrees to waive and release SkyRun North Lake Tahoe and the Owner(s) of the Property (Released Parties) from any and all liability for costs, expenses or damages due to loss of property or for personal injuries or death (Claims) which may occur to Guest and /or Guest guests and licensees while on or about the Property, except for injury or damage caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of the Release Parties. Guest hereby assumes the risk of a Claim while using the Property. The Waiver and Release is intended to be a full and complete Waiver and Release for the Released Parties from any and all present or future Claims (known or unknown), except for injury or damage caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of the Released Parties.

DAMAGE: Rental reservations includes an Accidental Damage Waiver fee that covers REPORTED and unintentional damage up to a maximum of $1,500. The cost to repair any ACCIDENTAL and REPORTED damage to the rented property including any missing or broken items will be covered at NO CHARGE to Guest(s) as long as the damage is reported to SkyRun North Lake Tahoe prior to Guest departure. Should the cost of the damage exceed $1,500 or does not meet the criteria for a 'covered loss', and the property owner's insurance policy does not cover the loss, then guest shall be responsible for the full amount of the damage which will be charged to the credit card on file. This does not include damage to garage, garage doors or damage caused by vehicles. Any damage SkyRun North Lake Tahoe deems to be purposeful or negligent or damage that is not reported will be charged to Guest credit card. Please report any damage upon arrival to property to SkyRun North Lake Tahoe to avoid charges for damage that Guest did not create. Most properties will have locked cabinet(s) or closet(s) for Owners personal possession. These are privately owned items. If locks are tampered with, significant charges will be levied on the Guest.

LOST & FOUND: SkyRun North Lake Tahoe is not responsible for the replacement or reimbursement of any lost or stolen items belonging to or rented by Guest(s). If an item(s) is found by SkyRun North Lake Tahoe after Guest departure and Guest wishes to have the item(s) returned, SkyRun North Lake Tahoe is happy to do so with the cost of packaging and mailing paid for by Guest. Item(s) unclaimed will be held for a maximum of fourteen (14) days at which time SkyRun North Lake Tahoe reserves the right to dispose of or may elect to donate the item(s) to a local charity.

ELECTRICITY: From time to time, equipment in the properties (utilities, TV's, appliances) and in the resort/buildings (pools, hot tubs, etc.) my be out of service due to power interruptions and outages. Skyrun North Lake Tahoe cannot guarantee power, heat or electricity in the event of an power outage or interruption and will not provide a refund or credit to Guest in such an event. If such an event occurs, notify SkyRun North Lake Tahoe immediately. Every effort will be made to try to resolve the situation.

WEATHER: SkyRun North Lake Tahoe will not refund Guest for any weather-related conditions and/or issues that prevents the Guest from getting to the property. Such weather- related conditions and/or issues includes, but not limited to road/poor conditions, lack of snow, too much snow, vehicle not equipped for extreme/inclement weather, flight delays/cancellations or power outages.

PHONE & INTERNET: Most properties have WiFi; a service paid for by the Owner and an added service to Guest at no additional cost. SkyRun North Lake Tahoe cannot guarantee reliable internet service. Circumstances beyond SkyRun North Lake Tahoe control may result in internet service interruptions, outages, degradation or what Guest may consider less than satisfactory service to what they are accustomed to. SkyRun North Lake Tahoe will not reimburse or refund monies to Guest in the event of the above circumstances. It a Guest would like to ensure optimized and reliable service, SkyRun North Lake Tahoe recommends Guest travel with their own air card.

Guests understand that phones (land line or VolP) may not be present in a property and should not be expected. Guest(s) are encouraged to have mobile phones for communication in an emergency. Some properties may have poor cellular coverage that is beyond SkyRun North Lake Tahoe control. Refunds and credits will not be provided to Guests for slow and non-existent service.

VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS: North Lake Tahoe can be subject to extreme and inclement weather conditions making roads and driveways impassable to 2-wheel drive vehicles. SkyRun North Lake Tahoe strongly encourages Guest(s) traveling during winter months to use 4-wheel and all wheel drive vehicles and/or carry chains. Lake Tahoe roads can be difficult to navigate during winter and driveways may be steep. SkyRun North Lake Tahoe will not provide refunds to Guests unable to reach their property or to Guests needing towing to get to their property.

OWNERSHIP OF PROPERTY: The Guest(s) acknowledges that they do not own nor have any rights to the Property. The Guest may never alter the appearance or function of any part or contents of the Property at any time - including, but not limited to paint, window coverings, appliances, and furniture. The Guest may never employ nor hire a third (3rd) party contractor or vendor to perform work or services within or to the Property - such as hiring housekeepers, handyman, contacting internet or TV providers directly.

FOR SALE: SkyRun North Lake provides short-term rental services to properties that are For Sale. If a property is For Sale and a potential buyer would like to view or tour the property during a Guest stay, SkyRun will notify Guest prior to the showing to set up a convenient time for both Guest and potential buyer.

DOG RULES: If applicable. Pets on premises must be authorized by SkyRun. These rules MUST BE adhered to:
Do not allow pets on furniture or the beds. An additional cleaning fee may be charged for soiled bedding and furniture cushions.
Do not leave your pet unattended at any time in the house or on the premises.
If your dog is wet, dirty or covered with snow, the dog MUST be cleaned before coming into house.
During walks with your dog to relieve him/herself, it is required that you clean up your dog's bowel movements (especially in the snow) and dispose of it properly.
Do not allow your dog to walk or relieve him/herself on neighbors lawn or walk through flower beds.
If your pet has an accident in the house you are required to contact SkyRun upon departure. Special cleaning products are used by the cleaning service to clean the spoiled spot(s).
Please educate yourself and abide by the leash laws. Do not leave your dog unattended or let your dog run free through the neighborhood or forest. Remember, there are bears and other animals that could pose a danger to your pet.

I authorize SkyRun North Lake Tahoe to charge the valid credit card provided to the company for rental expenses incurred, balances that are due or may become due, or to pay for any losses, damages or excessive cleaning expenses incurred that are not covered by the Waiver Damage Protection Plan for this property.