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Our goal at SkyRun is to create long-term relationships with our owners based on trust, transparency, and a passionate focus on their goals. It is important for a property management company to recognize that not all owners have the same goals. While revenue generation may be important, there are other important considerations including owner usage, care for the home, service options and cost.

See what our existing clients have to say about their experience with SkyRun! 

Joyce Tom

Pinnacle Loop Mountain Retreat
"Rod and Leslie are responsible, caring and considerate! They really understand that this house is still a very personal place for us and I feel they understand where we are coming from in term of how we want the house taken care of. From the care of our house to the instructions they give the visitors - they instill a sense of needed responsibility that carries over to the guests that stay at our home, and that’s nice."

Alex Haedrich

Bear Lodge
"Rod and Leslie Heier are both extremely friendly and seemed very experienced at managing vacation properties. [They] have always been very responsive to my e-mails and concerns"

SkyRun North Lake Tahoe

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